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A Global Brand with a Global Presence

We are spread across the globe with offices in all major countries. Our focus is to make the life of people easy through the effective utilisation of technology.

Our Head Office

Aliriza Groups

Wafi Residence Office LHEU, Dubai Health Care City, Dubai - UAE

+971 4 325 2444

+971 2 409 3222

Our Global presence

We know the differences between our countries, every facet, in every industry. We have partnered with local partners across the world because today’s world requires a global focus, but local and regional approaches and viewpoints are essential.

Presence In 18 Countries

Our organisation is structured across three main regions, the AMERICAS, Asia Pacific and EMEA, together with sub-regions. The AMERICAS includes North and Latin America, while EMEA incorporates Western Europe, Eastern Europe & Eurasia, and Middle East & Africa. Each of these regions, just like the individual countries within them, requires specific responses to varying client needs.

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